Acupuncture FAQ

If you are new to acupuncture, there is no doubt that you will have some questions about how acupuncture works, how it can help you and how you can get started with acupuncture treatment in Sarasota, Florida. Read this helpful FAQ to find answers to many of your questions.

How long has Chinese medicine been around?

Chinese medicine, in the form of acupuncture or other treatments, has been in practice for more than 3,000 years. This means that acupuncture is far more than just some alternative medicine fad. Acupuncture treatment has stood the test of time to provide treatment for generations.

How does acupuncture treatment work?

Acupuncture is far more than just sticking needles into the skin. Acupuncture treatment involves specific areas of the skin, where the meridians are located, being targeted and stimulated by tiny needles to activate the body’s Qi and restore balance so healing can occur.

How can I know it’s really working? What if I don’t understand it or believe in its healing powers?

Acupuncture is by no means an experimental treatment that relies on blind faith in order to work. Acupuncture has been successfully practiced for thousands of years, and it has proven to heal pain, treat illness and protect the body against future illness. Even if you don’t completely understand how acupuncture works, after getting an acupuncture treatment your body will begin to experience healing because helpful chemicals in the brain have been stimulated to distribute themselves throughout your body.

Are acupuncture needles safe, or do they run the risk of causing pain and infection?

Acupuncture needles, unlike the larger needles used by doctors to draw blood or give vaccinations, are very thin, so they are safe to be used on your body without causing pain. Some acupuncture patients report mild discomfort upon the needle being inserted into the skin, but afterwards, the sensation can be warm, tingling, heavy, numb, or just relaxing. Acupuncture needles are sterile, only being used once before they are disposed of in a safe place. The FDA regulates acupuncture needles at the same standard as they would for any other medical device. This means from the moment they are manufactured, they are ensured to be safe before they are distributed to practitioners, including acupuncture practitioners in Sarasota.

How soon can I expect to see changes in my health after starting acupuncture treatment?

After two to three acupuncture treatments, some patients may see an improvement in their health. Some conditions only take three to five treatments to be completely resolved. Chronic conditions often require more regular acupuncture treatment. You can find the best acupuncture practitioner in Sarasota to meet your needs.

Is acupuncture covered by insurance?

Acupuncture treatment is often covered by insurance, but it depends on your plan and your insurance company. Check with your insurance company if they cover acupuncture treatments, and to what extent, before you start your acupuncture treatments in Sarasota.